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A Cool Breeze

A Cool Breeze has a relaxed jazzy feel, probably a throwback to my penchant for the cool West Coast school of jazz, with a tinge of latin thrown in for good measure.

Definitely for postprandial lazing under palm trees or after dinner slow dancing.

À mon avis

Recorded with a trio of piano, bass and drums, "À mon avis" is based on a theme from the 2nd movement of the Guitar Concerto.

Written so long ago that the reasoning for the title is lost in the mists of memory, presumably it seemed like une bonne idée at the time.

From Rio, with love

Jazz in the latin mold, and déjà vu for those of us who still remember the bossa nova craze of the 1960's.

Performed by a combo of tenor sax, trombone, trumpet, guitars, bass and drums.

Bada Boom!

An energetic big band number that was written on a day when the Muse was bending over backwards to help.

The ideas came so quickly and effortlessly that ... bada boom, bada bing ... no other title seemed possible.

Fragments of the Imagination

This piece is actually one of a series of "Fragments" resulting from a few days of experimenting with "Jammer", software which helps to create ideas when the Muse is off having a coffee break.

This one is creatively sub-titled "Wednesday, No. 2" and is performed by the virtual trio of piano, bass and drums.


A romantic crossover piece. It was originally written for a radio commercial advertising a fine dining establishment, but is just as useful for slow dancing.

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