Atlantis Rising

A dream-like musical journey into the imagination as the fabled 'lost continent' of Atlantis rises from the depths of the ocean, offering a tantalizing glimpse of this utopian land and the ghosts of its people, before fading from view and sinking once more back into legend.

Image of Africa

A brief soundscape in which we are on the high plains of southern africa as sunset approaches. The darkening sky becomes littered with stars, the Southern Cross shining brightly through this backdrop.

Remembrance Suite

An homage to veterans around the world that depicts some of the emotions brought on by war: the feelings of adventure and camaraderie, the yearning for home and loved ones, the fear and devastation of battle and the remembrance of those comrades who never returned.

In Glorious Colour

Three collages of music inspired by a legion of epic movies ... and you get to decide on the action as you listen, so let your imagination roam!.

Prairie Night

A musical portrait of the prairies of North America and a glimpse of the lives of people living there.

Spiritus Vitae

Music for a short animated movie by film-maker Zennor Alexander that portrays the circularity of life. This was Mike's entry for a contest sponsored by East West Sounds.

The Tapestry

Music for a screenplay that portrays the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England in 1066 as depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry.

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