- The Latest - Fall 2018 -


Dartmoor is based on musical sketches I jotted down after a visit to this famous moor in the south-west of England. It is in four parts and is available for your listening pleasure from the News Playlist.  

Part 1 of the piece conveys my first impressions when stepping onto the moor. Just a short distance from where I'd parked the car I wa;lked to the top of a rise and was presented with a bleak, majestic lanscape. I had a feeling of solitude and quiet.

Walking onward the sheer size and beauty of this wilderness became more and more apparent. Part 2 depicts this.

As I walked further increasingly dark skies signed an approaching storm. In reality I beat a hasty retreat back to the car, but Part 3 is my imagination of what it would be like to caught out in a thunder storm in the middle of the moor, miles from anywhere. Around these parts they still talk about "The Great Thunderstorm" of 1638, thought by some at the time to be the devils work.

Part 4 signals the passing of the phantom storm and, with the sun now shining, celebrates this magnificent landscape with a rousing rendition of the primary theme.

- Summer 2018 -


For those of you who like to use the Spotify music service, my music is now available there. Here's the link to my artist page.

Your feedback is welcomed!

- In Progress -

Thinking! I have several ideas about what music I'll write next, but nothing has yet jumped up and taken pole position.

Of course I could always resume long-outstanding work on the score for Trilogy ... but, for me, scoring is always a laborious task that takes up all too much composing time!.

We'll see what wins ;-)

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