- The Latest - Spring 2017 -

"Responsive" Audio

Better late than never ... I've now completely revamped the audio presentation, coverting it from Adobe "Flash" based to HTML5 audio. Simply speaking, this makes it much more accesible to those of you using mobile phones to browse the internet and listen to music. And it's about time you may say ;-)

Your feedback is welcomed!

- Winter 2017 -

Responsive Web Site

Now that the Feast of Carols score and my commission (see below) are finally complete ... I've just launched a "responsive" version of this web site, which will mean improved ease of use on hand-held devices.

Let me know what you think!

- Fall 2016 -

Two "bagatelles"

Caribbean Caper is a light hearted party piece with steel drums, a strong rhythm section, and backed by brass and saxes. Definitely in the Island mode ... with a choice of upbeat party mix or a slower more relaxed mix.

A Cool Breeze has a relaxed jazzy feel, probably a throwback to my penchant for the cool West Coast school of jazz, with a tinge of latin thrown in for good measure. Definitely for postprandial lazing under palm trees or after dinner slow dancing.

Both pieces were originally written as part of my ongoing commission delivery (see below) but subsequently replaced by other material ... and are now available for your listening pleasure in th "News Playlist" opposite.

A Feast of Carols

Both the full score and instrument and vocal parts are now available from the store.

- Spring/Summer 2016 -

A Commission

I had originally planned to work on the score of Trilogy and to "responsify" my website, but events overtook those plans as I moved house, and then some time later received a commission to write music for a friend's new website. As a result I spent most of the year moving and then writing music for hypnosis and relaxation.

- In Progress -

I'm beginning to work on the score for Trilogy ... after which I'll start thinking about new compositions.

Of course recent history says beware of making too many plans ... but it's good to be ambitious ;-)

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